Silica Aerogels

We offer both hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica aerogels* for testing and prototyping purposes with:

  • Surface area between 450-900 m2/g
  • Contact angle <80° (hydrophilic) & >130° (hydrophobic)
  • Bulk density: 50-150 kg/m3
  • Spherical beads: 1.0 – 5.0 mm diameter
  • Particles: 0.4 – 1.0 mm size

* Material property tuning is possible upon request. This feature provided under services category

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Biopolymer Aerogels

The exceptional properties such as meso-porosity of aerogels can also be exploited in other sectors such as cosmetics, food and pharma. This is achieved with not only silica but also other materials, for example, biopolymers.We also offer biopolymer aerogels for performance evaluation and testing purposes in R&D with the following features:

  • High surface area (up to 500 m2/g) biopolymer material, which at present does not exist in the market.
  • Spans a wide variety of biopolymers ranging from polysaccharides, proteins and lignin.
  • Superabsorbent performance (up to 70 g/g saline) useful for wound & personal care applications.
  • Superior loading & delivery performance: useful as carriers of essential nutritional components (such as Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins) and drugs (such as Ibuprofen).