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Aerogels in Chemical Engineering: Strategies Toward Tailor-Made Aerogels (2017)

Preparation of Biopolymer Aerogels Using Green Solvents (2016)

A novel approach to alginate aerogels: carbon dioxide induced gelation (2015)

Hybrid alginate based aerogels by carbon dioxide induced gelation: novel technique for multiple applications (2015)

Development of egg white protein aerogels as new matrix material for microencapsulation in food (2015)

On the Road to Biopolymer Aerogels—Dealing with the Solvent (2015)

Influence of coating and wetting on the mechanical behaviour of highly porous cylindrical aerogel particles (2015)

Alginate-based hybrid aerogel microparticles for mucosal drug delivery (2016)

Novel non- cytotoxic alginate–lignin hybrid aerogels as scaffolds for tissue engineering (2015)

Mesoporous guar galactomannan based biocomposite aerogels through enzymatic crosslinking (2017)

Preparation of macroporous alginate-based aerogels for biomedical applications (2015)

Biocatalytic Carboxylation of Phenol Derivatives: Kinetics and Thermodynamics of the Biological Kolbe-Schmitt Synthesis (2015)

Preparation of aerogels from wheat straw lignin by cross-linking with oligo(alkylene glycol)-α,ω-diglycidyl ethers (2014)

Adsorption of CO2, Moisture and Ethanol at Low Partial Pressure Using Amino functionalised Silica Aerogels (2013)

Amino functionalized Silica-Aerogels for CO2-adsorption at low partial pressure (2012)

Book chapter

Pharmaceutical Applications of Aerogels, Aerogels Handbook (2011)



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