Aerogels and Us

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Since its discovery in 1930, aerogels have captivated enthusiasts and researchers alike: be it a two gram “frozen smoke” supporting a 2.5 kg brick or shielding a flower from a 3000 °C acetylene torch or usage in the Stardust mission by NASA to collect cosmic dust.

There are three features that set aerogels apart from all other materials:

  1. Open pores with sizes between 2-50 nm
  2. High specific surface area between 5-2000 m2/g
  3. Low bulk density between 10-200 kg/m3

These properties make aerogels the perfect open pore material for thermal super-insulation, and therefore most of the modern research focuses on the improvement of this quality using new materials and methods.

In AEROGELEX we step ahead to today’s necessities for high performance materials and offer research & development services for food and life science applications. We are a competence center aimed to minimize the transition time between R&D and commercializing innovations with one focus on aerogels.