Products & Services

The present day aerogel market only caters to the insulation sector with silica being the material of choice. Although the exceptional properties such as meso-porosity of aerogels provide premium insulation performance, we are convinced through our R&D, that the same properties can also be exploited in other sectors such as cosmetics, food and pharma using other materials, for example, biopolymers.

We offer biopolymer aerogels for performance evaluation and testing purposes in R&D with the following features:

  • High surface area (up to 500 m2/g) biopolymer material, which at present does not exist in the market.
  • Spans a wide variety of biopolymers ranging from polysaccharides, proteins and lignin.
  • Superabsorbent performance (up to 70 g/g saline) useful for wound & personal care applications.
  • Superior loading & delivery performance: They can be used as carriers of essential nutritional components (such as Omega-3 fatty acids) and drugs (such as Ibuprofen).
  • Made from a green process which utilizes only water, alcohol and CO2.

We aspire to develop the overall aerogel market in cooperation with companies willing to innovate their product portfolio.