Aerogels and Us

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Since its discovery in 1930, aerogels have captivated enthusiasts and researchers alike: be it a two gram “frozen smoke” supporting a 2.5 kg brick or shielding a flower from a 3000 °C acetylene torch or usage in the Stardust mission by NASA to collect cosmic dust.

There are three features that set aerogels apart from all other materials:

  1. Open pores with sizes between 2-50 nm
  2. High specific surface area between 5-2000 m2/g
  3. Low bulk density between 10-200 kg/m3

In AEROGELEX, we step ahead to today’s necessities for aerogel based high performance materials. In our opinion, this not only includes material specific property improvements with respect to an application but also instilling a general comfort level with supercritical drying techniques to those eager to embrace this exciting CO2 based green technology.